cooling-off period

Do G1G policies offer a cooling-off period?

Some policies allow a 10-14 day review period after you purchase a policy, depending on the carrier. During this period you are able to refund your policy and only be charged a processing fee. If this time extends into the trip duration, you will be prorated for that time, in accompaniment with the processing fee. For example, if you purchase a policy 5 days before your trip, and cancel it 10 days later, you will be charged for 5 days of your policy premium. With G1G policies, you may cancel at anytime, for any reason.

We do however, recommend being as certain as possible as to avoid confusion and withheld funds.

At G1G, we never want to sell you something you don’t need, so if you are unsatisfied with your policy or simply want to change it, give us a call first to ensure that you receive the best policy of coverage available. Oftentimes, we can get you set up in a matter of minutes, avoiding cancellations.