Does My Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

Does My Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus ?

The coronavirus is not covered by a regular travel insurance plan. As of now, WHO has declared the spread of Coronavirus a pandemic.“We have rung the alarm bell loud and clear,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General at World Health Organization (WHO). 

After being declared a pandemic, it has become a foreseen event, and travel insurance only covers unforeseen or unexpected events. 

While an insurance policy can still be purchased, it will have limited coverage for Coronavirus. Meanwhile, to cover any reason for not traveling, it’s best to upgrade your insurance plan to CFAR. It covers 75% of prepaid or nonrefundable costs and due to coronavirus outbreak many travelers are taking advantage of CFAR. “An increase of 80% was seen by travelers, upgrading their insurance plan to CFAR”, said Zubair Jeewanje, CEO at Go One Global. As a result, you may want to cancel or postpone your most awaited weekend break. 

What is CFAR And How Does It Cover Travelers Amidst Coronavirus? 

“Cancel For Any Reason” or CFAR covers your trip cost, in case you fear an outbreak of coronavirus to your destination. What makes CFAR the best choice? Lets say, you can cancel for any reason unlike other travel insurance plans. The CFAR add-on makes cancellation easy and simple for any reason. 

However, CFAR is a must-have to protect your travel losses during a coronavirus pandemic. It is time sensitive upgrade and must be purchased within 21 days of your initial booking. Make sure to cancel within 2 days of taking the trip for full refund on the trip. 

Unlike basic trip cancellation coverage, the CFAR benefit has a few eligibility criterias:

  • Depending on the policy, only available within 21 days of making your first payment for the trip.
  • Travel Safe Classic comes inclusive with CFAR while you have to pick CFAR upgrade, separately with other plans.   
  • Cancellation with the travel supplier must occur 48 hours before the departure date, depending on the plan
  • Benefits may only cover up to 75% depending on the policy

Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation Flights Due To Coronavirus?

CDC (Center For Disease Control) suggests Americans must limit non-essential traveling to such high-risk areas and suggest delaying any trips for older people and people with severe medical problems.

In fear of coronavirus, travelers are boarding less flights to Europe and most Asian countries. Airlines are either slashing costs or grounding portions of the fleet in response to a weak demand during the coronavirus outbreak. 

In case, the flights you booked don’t fly to your destination due to coronavirus – you can get reimbursed on travel cost with CFAR. It’s the only insurance that covers you for any reason, no matter what. 

Several airlines such as United, Delta, and American have waived flight change or cancellation fees on the new booking. On the other hand, Norwegian and Qantas have decided to ground portions of their flight. 

Remember that with the excluded change fees, you must therefore pay the cost difference in most cases, while not paying a change fee, the new date costs more, but there are a few exceptions.

We would recommend putting yourself and your loved one’s safety first! For best insurance quotes, you can check out G1G’s Travel Protection Plan. Look for the benefits that offer medical and trip insurance.