Read This and Take Better Photos on Your Phone (When You Can't Lug Around Your DSLR)

How to Take Better Photos (When You Can’t Lug Around Your DSLR)

Ah, the wonders of the smartphone. We’ve lost count of the millions of innovations that make the smartphone an integral part of modern-day culture, especially in America. And nowhere is this cultural phenomenon more apparent (and perhaps notoriously so) than with the smartphone photo. 

As phone camera quality increases, so can the quality of your photos! You don’t need to drag around an extra camera, like your bulky DSLR, on your travels in order to capture good images.

Our resident camera expert, Nikolay, has some pointers for taking great photos with your phone:

1. Keep it simple

Camera phones are getting better with every generation, but still lack the power to capture all the subtitles that a dSLR can. This is especially true when you’re trying to take a photo in low light or of a fast-moving subject. Without getting into the technical details, your camera phone isn’t suited for that sort of thing. Try and focus on a well lit subject or two – your photos will be better for it.

2. Pay attention to lighting.

I can’t emphasize the ‘well lit’ part enough of the last tip, good lighting is most of the battle. If you find yourself trying to take a photo of a dark scene or a person obscured by shadows, take an extra few seconds to either reposition your subject or find an angle that catches the light better. 

3. Use two hands!

It’ll help keep the camera still and your photos in focus – and that’s most of the battle.

4. Avoid digital zoom

On most modern phones, you can zoom into your image by pinching the screen. However, by doing that you’re decreasing the quality of the image (without getting too technical, you’re making the image more pixilated.) Do it the old fashioned way–if you want your subject to take up more of the frame, simply get closer!

5. Take lots of photos

It’s a numbers game to a large extent. Take lots of photos from different angles and perspectives, you’ll find something that works more often than not. Most phones have gigs of storage space, so don’t be shy about using that space!

We’ll have more photo-taking tips in upcoming blogs! Now get snapping.