Is travel insurance worth it?

Is Travel Insurance Worth it?

Travel insurance is extremely helpful to protect you against possible losses while travelling. Once you realize the worth of insurance plans, you would never travel without buying it.

For example, if you are visiting Thailand and opt for scuba diving, can you guarantee that you will not face any health issues?

Or can you be assured that your stuff will not be stolen while backpacking in some foreign country?

No, such claims cannot be guaranteed. These are a few reasons that smart travelers understand the worth of travel insurance and its types.

Someone might tell you “Oh, losing your bags does not matter while traveling, it’s better to travel with light and affordably replaceable stuff” or you will just be told the horror stories by travel companies to convince you to buy the insurance plan”. The second excuse is not entirely wrong. Insurance companies definitely want their customers to know about thousands of evacuations and emergencies the company has had to deal with. We also want our clients to understand that an emergency evacuation without any insurance plan can cost more than approximately $100,000.

While on your travels, you might come face to face with situations where you could get seriously injured or ill in a foreign country. In such a case, the last thing you want to experience is not having sufficient financial means or support by which you can take treatment and fly home.

Travel insurance, for that alone, is worth each cent you spend on it.

However, insurance plans for traveling can be confusing sometimes, so we need to demystify it. Although certain insurance plans have several exclusions and limits, G1G is aimed at presenting it with clarity. G1G demystifies the plans that are on offer along with a full explanation of coverage description and the types of travel insurances available.

3 significant Factors That Make Travel Insurance Worth it

The most common and significant factors that make insurance coverage worth the cost are:

  1. If you have invested a significant amount in the trip and you don’t want the money to be wasted in case of a cancellation. The best way to ensure that your amount is secure is to get insurance coverage by G1G. While no one wants to cancel the planned trip, specific unexpected events might force a person to cancel the trip. For example, you get in a car accident, someone gets a disease, a natural disaster damages the vacation spot, you lose your passport, and much more. These are just a few examples of why insurance while traveling is worth it.
  2. If you have already purchased medical insurance in your home country and are planning to travel to the USA or some other country, you have to face the medical cost in case of any health issue. Although medical cost is comparatively highest in the USA, it is not cheap in any tourist country. Therefore, if you get ill or injured and need some medical care, insurance coverage is worth every cent.
  3. Top notch medical care matters in a foreign country and travel insurance is worth having in uncertain and emergency situations. Our plans ensure that you get the best possible medical care. While traveling in a region where medical care is limited or is of poor quality, G1G insurance plans make sure you get the best.  

4 Major Parts of G1G Travel Coverage

Ultimately, an insurance plan is a legal contract between a traveler and G1G. G1G provides the coverage description and thorough fine print of all legal documents for the ease of our valuable customers. You are welcome to ask any questions anytime via our 24/7 helpline in case of any confusion. The following outline simply tells what insurance plans offered by G1G to our valuable customers do in actual:

1. Medical Uncertainties and Evacuation in Travel Coverage

As mentioned earlier, this is the primary reason to get travel coverage from G1G. Let suppose, you are enjoying your holidays in some foreign country, and you get unexpectedly sick at midnight in your hotel room. Now you need to look for the best hospital in surroundings and an ambulance to get you there. After reaching hospital, you need proper treatment and immediate care. And afterwards, you need to  get back to your hotel on medically equipped transportation. Throughout this, you might have to deal with language barriers and hospital bills, etc. Medical uncertainty and evacuation coverage allows you to call our 24/7 customer assistance line. It gets you to a good hospital from your hotel room saving your transfer costs and providing all possible help. The hospital bills and ambulance cost, all are covered in the travel insurance plan.

In the USA, medical costs can be as high as $10,000/day. For treatment, emergency transport home, the costs might exceed $100,000 easily. A simple search will reveal how expensive the medical costs can be in travel destinations. The G1G insurance plan is expansive and beneficial in every way for its customers. The medical insurance covers emergency evacuation, emergency dental work coverage, and much more.

2. Cancellation of trip coverage in insurance plans

This covers you for the non-refundable trip cost. For example, you find that you cannot go on your scheduled trip due to unforeseen situations such as the death of a close relative, an accident, or some illness. Now you want to cancel your trip. If you buy an insurance plan right after making your first travel deposit, you can conveniently claim the trip cancellation. The trip cancellation policies cover the pre-booked, non-refundable costs in case of any interruption during the trip. G1G is one of the best companies covering you for the trip cancellation. 24/7 customer services of G1G is always here to tell everything you need to know regarding trip cancellation.

3. Personal Belongings and Baggage

Your personal belongings and baggage can be either stolen, damaged, or lost anywhere in the world. There are things that cannot be replaced and it makes the insurance plan worth it. 

Our travel coverage plan includes personal effects or travels baggage protection. This protection covers theft, loss, and damage to personal effects and baggage. Also, our plan reimburses our customers for personal effects along with other eligible claims. This reimbursement applies if your checked luggage is either lost, stolen, or delayed for over 12 hours. G1G provides the coverage description regarding the exclusions and limits on the cover. Particularly, lost or theft baggage, and baggage delay.

4. Leaving the Host Country Earlier than Planned

Usually, travel coverage is effective till the moment you arrive in your home country after completing the tour. But in case your trip gets interrupted due to sudden sickness or death in the family, travel insurance makes you eligible for trip cancellation/interruption claim. For example, if you have purchased the insurance policy for 12 weeks and come home after 8 weeks, you are entitled to refund on the policy’s ‘unused’ portion.

“All travel coverage plans are not the same”

Travel insurance plans can be either fixed or comprehensive. Thus, it would be good to ask anything you need to know regarding travel insurance plans. This helps you buy the best suitable travel coverage. The variations in travel insurance plans depend on your home country and the country you plan to visit. G1G accommodates its valuable customers in every possible way. It is valuable information to share with you that a portion of our coverage plan goes to trip cancellation. If you do not want to cover cancellation coverage, you can simply get away from this. You can proceed with the travel medical plan and save the cost. However, it is always recommended to put some cost on trip cancellation coverage. Putting some cost in trip cancellation coverage will always keep you on the safer side.

Always buy travel insurance because, by doing so, you can make your travel safer. You can enjoy all eventualities covered in the insurance plan. Our travel insurance plans are not just insurance plans – it is something to make you always feel safe in a foreign country. Our customers are always welcome to contact us if they are unsure about anything.