Solo Female Travel Safety

Solo Female Travel Safety – Feel Safe about Travelling

Why Solo Female Travel safety?

March is a month of women’s history. We must celebrate the women who have left a mark on this globe through travel. Solo Female Travel is one of the empowering ways for women to explore the world. Solo female travel insurance doesn’t have to be complicated if you are aware of the things you need to know when travelling. Being a female traveler, you might be exposed to riskier travel depending on the place and its culture. In addition to the generic safety tips, it’s good to be informed about alerts happening and current events around your travel destination.

The facts say, it takes a little ankle slip on the hike, one thief to set his target on you, an irresponsible airline to misplace your baggage, or one incident to cancel your trip. You might be unfamiliar with the security threats culture, and language of your travel destination that makes your travel vulnerable to potential damage. Hence, an investment made for solo female travel is completely worthwhile. It’s just a travel fact! You don’t need to let the bad days in a foreign country send you home.

Whether you are a student, housewife, or a working woman, travel insurance plans make your journey enjoyable and safe.

5 facts and figures on women’s safety survey

According to AIG’s safety survey of women:

  1. Compared to five years ago, 45% of solo female travelers feel much less safe. Since the world is becoming a safer place for women, this figure shows that more women tend to travel abroad than they did 5 years ago.
  2. It is reported by 84% of females that either they are not aware of female solo travel insurance plans or they are not provided with tips for travel safety.
  3. Safety is one of the major concerns of 63% female solo travelers.
  4. Women face four major risks while travelling abroad. 93% of women reported facing theft and scams; 86% reported credit card fraud; 63% reported identity theft; 62% reported taxi scams.
  5. Also, 87% of women purchase travel insurance, medical evacuation coverage, or emergency travel medical as a safety action before travelling abroad.

4 travel safety tips for solo female travelers

  1. Research the destination: researching and planning can be as fun as traveling! In between looking for the coolest cities and beaches to visit, invest some time looking up information on safe destinations.
  2. Keep the valuables along: We recommend you keep a day bag to fit your valuables. These valuables can be your smartphone, passport, camera, and credit cards, etc. Also, keep only those valuables with you that you actually need and avoid carrying unnecessary valuables. Although we cover you for baggage protection, it is highly recommended not to put such valuables in the luggage
  3. Avoid trusting people quickly: While travelling solo to new destinations, we often give in to peer pressure and end up trusting people quickly. If you become friends with someone, avoid trusting him/her with your expensive items like a laptop or DSLR. Being cautious is NOT rude!
  4. Get G1G travel insurance: From your baggage being stolen/lost, to you needing medical evacuation, medical emergency help, 24/7 assistance, etc., G1G will reimburse your expenses. We are here to provide you the security you need as a female solo traveler.

What are you covered for?

Being aware of your concerns, we protect YOU!

G1G travel insurance plan offers different safety measures for women. We provide you with reliable insurance coverage. Our customer service standards provide easy claim processing via our 24/7 hotline so that you can get our help wherever and whenever you want. If you are a frequent female solo traveler, we provide an annual coverage option as well.

You are welcome to check us out and get a quote for free. You can call our customer services representative to get the answer to all your questions regarding solo female travelling and our coverage plans.