Travel Coverage for COVID-19

Travel Coverage for COVID-19

Obtaining travel coverage for COVID-19 is hard to find as the outbreak becomes a major concern these days. The COVID-19 outbreak has become a major concern. Nations are taking strict actions to stop this deadly disease from spreading. Focusing on preventative health, numerous countries have imposed travel bans and restrictions on nonessential travel. Travel advisories and local government are discouraging its citizens and residents from all international travel. In such an unpredictable situation travelers face difficulties in canceling and rescheduling their trips. Such disputations cause monetary loss to the travelers, as their travel insurance companies refuse to refund their premiums. 

Considering the right company for travel insurance would be so challenging, as all travel insurance companies claim to be the best and recommend plans that provide coverage in such alarming situations but at the time of filing claims, most of the companies give lame excuses and refuse to refund premiums. Unlike other travel insurance companies, G1G focuses on traveler’s health and concern about their financial loss. G1G only offers plans that suit your needs and meet your budget. G1G helps customers in filing a claim to get refunded on an emergent basis. As most travel insurance companies backstep due to the COVID-19 outbreak, G1G continues to serve humanity and offers plans that help travelers to attain maximum benefits due to the COVID-19 outbreak. G1G plans cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, missed connection, medical evacuation, emergency medical and political evacuation for coronavirus. For best plan selection please reach us via phone call or live chat and we are happy to assist you. 

Does my travel insurance provide coverage for coronavirus? 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a contagious disease that evolves rapidly. Coronavirus mainly spread from direct interaction (person-to-person) and respiratory droplets from an infected person’s sneeze or cough. COVID-19 has outbreak all records and become a global threat. Nations are taking a strict decision to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Such restrictions and proclamations are restricting travelers from traveling abroad. 

Travelers have to bear monetary expenses under such circumstances. Choosing the right travel plan that covers such circumstances would be a wise decision. Such a plan not only provides monetary compensation for trip cancellation and trip interruption but also provides coverage for sudden illness due to coronavirus while traveling abroad. G1G offers a wide range of plans that provide coverage for coronavirus. G1G plans offer trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, missed connection and medical coverage for coronavirus.

What if I contract Coronavirus while I’m on my trip? 

Some plans provide monetary compensation for trip cancellation and trip interruption and coverage for sudden illness due to coronavirus while traveling abroad. However, some plans may not provide these benefits if the reason for sickness is due to an epidemic or pandemic. Be sure to read the policy details carefully before purchasing a travel medical plan.

Will my airline refund my flight if I decide not to travel due to the coronavirus outbreak? 

Flight refunds depend on the airline. Some airlines are waiving change & cancellation fees due to the coronavirus outbreak. Airline’s refund policy may vary by airline, so it is advised to directly reach the airline to determine if you can change or cancel your flight due to the coronavirus outbreak.

I need to cancel my trip. Who do I contact first? 

Policy premiums are always refundable and may be canceled before or during your trip, but most will require a small service fee. If you cancel before your departure, you will simply be charged a small service fee. If you have already departed from your home country, you will be prorated on top of the service fee. To cancel a policy, simply go to your customer portal and follow the instructions. After doing so, you will receive a confirmation email with your policy cancelation details and the refund should process in a few business days.

I have rescheduled my trip. Can I change my travel insurance coverage period? 

You can move your coverage dates ahead to cover your new travel dates if your new travel dates do not extend your plan beyond 24 months from the date you originally purchased the insurance.

What to do if I am stuck abroad right now with the COVID-19?

If you are stuck overseas it’s imperative that you have proper international travel medical insurance to protect yourself financially against any medical care costs incurred for treatment overseas for COVID19. It’s imperative that you ensure that the plan does not restrict benefits for epidemics or locations with travel advisory alerts. Adequate travel health coverage will cover in case you need to be quarantined or treated for COVID-19. You should have your coverage purchased as soon as possible because coronavirus is asymptotic in many people and if it’s discovered that you contracted previously to the purchase of the plans start date, it will not be covered and insurance companies will use that point to deny coverage.

How will my coverage work amidst the COVID-19 outbreak?

It depends on the situation, how your coverage will work amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Different travel insurances work differently against a similar situation. The “Cancel For Any Reason” or CFAR can cover your trip cost for any number of reasons. But if you travel before regions affected by coronavirus were officially announced by the US travel department then it makes you eligible for travel cancellation, medical emergency, and evacuation. Traveling after coronavirus affected regions were announced by the US travel department will make you only eligible for medical emergency and evacuation. 

For cancellation under any eligible reason before traveling, General Protection Travel Insurance will reimburse your expenses on flight, accommodation, and tour. 

How am I covered with sickness due to coronavirus while traveling?

If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus while on an insured trip, you will be covered for medical expenses and medical evacuation benefits. In emergencies, you should contact the insurance provider’s 24-hour active helpline. You might be eligible for emergency medical and medical evacuation, depending on the policy. 

The insurance purchased before January 21, 2020, will cover your trip cancellation, medical emergency, and evacuation. 

The emergency assistance should be called immediately, so the insurance provider can work things out on your situation. It includes coverage and medical care. It varies with each case, your travel insurance provider will provide transportation including pre-certified medical payments to the medical care. 

What If I’m Afraid To Travel As The COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens?

Fear of traveling is not a covered reason under any standard travel insurance policies. For a simple reason such as fear of traveling is only covered by “Cancel Any Reason or CFAR”. You will have to cancel 2 days before traveling. It would partially reimburse your trip cost, up to 75%.

What Makes Me Eligible For CFAR during the COVID-19 outbreak?

To be eligible for the CFAR benefit, you should purchase your policy within 20 days of your initial deposit. Make sure, your entire trip cost is insured. 

Does domestic health insurance cover me if I’m overseas and I contract coronavirus? 

Most people are unaware that domestic health insurance does not cover you outside of your home country. This is why a G1G travel insurance plan is essential. However, it’s important to read the fine print as there are limitations to what is covered during the coronavirus pandemic. Check your policy details or contact one of our Customer Care Experts to determine if coverage applies. 

Will travel insurance help a U.S citizen with medical evacuation, if they contract coronavirus while overseas? 

It all depends upon the plan you chose before traveling. Some plans cover evacuation to the nearest hospital or back to the home country for medical treatment. Some plans might not cover medical evacuation in the event you get sick during an epidemic or pandemic.

I have seen a rise in certain everyday commodities during the coronavirus pandemic. Have the insurance companies raised prices for travel insurance plans?

The prices for insurance are regulated by law, so no insurance company can raise prices on a whim. 

G1G provides the best travel coverage for COVID-19, please reach us via phone call or live chat and we are happy to assist you.