Trip Cancellation vs. Cancel for Any Reason

Trip Cancellation vs Cancel for Any Reason

Cancel For Any Reason is an optional upgrade to protect your prepaid and non-refundable costs for any reason, otherwise not covered in travel insurance plans. However, it’s an expensive and time-sensitive upgrade that can only be purchased within 21 days of the first payment of your trip. 

At G1G Travel insurance, we make sure that you are covered in any unforeseeable or unexpected situation. You don’t need to travel, then no need to worry. For every reason or no reason at all, you are covered with CFAR. The plans ensure that you travel happily and stay focused on the journey.    

How Trip Cancellation is Different From CFAR 

Trip cancellation reimburses your nonrefundable trip costs against reasons covered in the policy document while CFAR reimburses you for reasons covered beyond the policy document. Both the insurance policies have different eligible criteria and here is how to differentiate; 

Trip Cancellation: 

  • The unexpected death, illness, or injury of you and/or a traveling companion that deems you unfit to travel, by order of a licensed physician
  • Weather or common carrier-related issues that might make you return back home. 
  • Unforeseen natural disasters at home or the destination that might 
  • The trip cancellation plan can reimburse up to 100% of the travelers trip cost, if they want to cancel for a covered reason. 

All of this is covered, only if the trip is cancelled due to a specific, unforeseen covered reason. 

“Cancel For Any Reason” OR CFAR: 

Unlike basic trip cancellation coverage, the CFAR benefit has a few eligibility criterias:

  • Depending on the policy, only available within 21 days of making your first payment for the trip.
  • Travel Safe Classic comes inclusive with CFAR while you have to pick CFAR upgrade, separately with other plans.   
  • Cancellation with the travel supplier must occur 48 hours before the departure date, depending on the plan
  • Benefits may only cover up to 75% depending on the policy.

CFAR covers non-refundable trip costs, no matter the reason. Often, travelers cancel their trip if they feel uncomfortable or have a fear for their safety. 

What Makes CFAR More Valuable Than Trip Cancellation

“Cancel For Any Reason” provides coverage for any reason that’s not covered in the policy document. While trip cancellation covers you for specific reasons covered in the policy document. What makes CFAR more valuable than trip cancellation are a number of covered reasons. 

Let’s take an example, you are traveling abroad for the meeting and find out your friend is getting married the very next day of your travel booking. You have decided to cancel all your bookings but you must be wondering on how to cover all the expenses with travel insurance. If you had CFAR OR “Cancel For Any Reason” in your travel insurance then it allows you to literally cancel for any reason. Planning ahead of your traveling can save you a lot on travel bookings.  

CFAR covers non-refundable trip costs, no matter the reason. Often, travelers cancel their trip if they feel uncomfortable or have a fear of their safety. 



Right now we have the Covid-19 virus hitting many provinces and countries. Last fall we booked a trip to Venice Florida for a month’s stay. We never bother to buy cancellation insurance on the flights and most times of our travels we don’t bother. If we have to cancel because of this virus will we be entitled for a refund on flights or a voucher for another time of travel?


It is recommended that you contact your travel agent and/or travel suppliers to see if they are offering the ability to cancel and receive a refund or rebook travel to a later date. Standard travel insurance plans do offer many great benefits, but will not cover cancellation due to Coronavirus fears or travel warnings. Also, Cancel For Any Reason is a time sensitive benefit, meaning you would have to be purchasing your insurance coverage shortly after your initial trip payment/deposit to be eligible. If you made payment toward your trip last fall, unfortunately, you would not qualify for that coverage.


I need hotel cancellation only. Not travel interruption,lost baggage,missed connection.


Unfortunately, we do not offer trip cancellation only policies. Comprehensive travel insurance plan will include trip cancellation due to a list of unforeseen, covered reasons as well as interruption, damaged/lost baggage, emergency medical, travel delay and more. If you are looking for cancellation coverage due to Coronavirus concerns, The only way to have any coverage to cancel your trip, would be to purchase a comprehensive plan with optional Cancel For Any Reason coverage selected. There are some eligibility requirements for this coverage, such as insuring 100% of pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs, purchasing your coverage within 10-21 days of your initial trip payment, and you must cancel your trip no less than 2 days prior to departure. Cancel For Any Reason can reimburse a portion, typically up to 50%-75%, of your trip cost depending on the plan purchased. A policy with Cancel For Any Reason can cost an additional 40%-60% more than a standard policy, is not available in all states, and eligibility requirements may differ by company.


can i use my CFAR for airline tickets which are non refundable?


Cancel For Any Reason is an optional benefit that if selected, can allow a portion (typically 50-75%) of your insured pre-paid non-refundable trip cost if you need to cancel your trip at least two days prior to departure. Cancel For Any Reason is an optional, time sensitive benefit available on some plans. You must meet eligibility requirements, such as purchasing the plan within 10-21 days after making your initial trip payment, insuring the full pre-paid non-refundable cost of your trip, and cancelling at least 2 days prior to departure.


Can I buy cancellation insurance for my trip in February even if I did not purchase it at the time of booking my trip?


You can purchase most policies up until the day before departure, however; you may not be eligible for some time sensitive benefits if you do not purchase within 10-21 days of the initial trip deposit/payment. Some time sensitive benefits are, but not limited to: Pre-Existing Condition Waiver, Financial Default, Terrorism, Cancel For Any Reason and Cancel For Work Reasons.


Does trip cancellation insurance include tickets bought using airline frequent fliers points or rewards?


You can insure the taxes and fees you paid to redeem the points, as long as the taxes and fees are prepaid and non-refundable. Most providers will cover up to a specified amount for the re-deposit fee to redeposit the points back in to your account if you had to cancel for a covered reason.


I only see comprehensive policies. We only need cancellation insurance as we already have an annual evacuation service. Are there any companies who just do trip cancellation?


Unfortunately, we do not offer policies that have Trip Cancellation by itself. Our best suggestion would be to sort the comprehensive plans from cost, low to high, and select the least expensive comprehensive plan for your Trip Cancellation needs.


I have put a substantial deposit on a trip to come several months from now, the exact date (Sept OR Nov) to be determined by circumstances at the end of the summer. The deposit is for 25% of the trip. I want to purchase the CFAR insurance, and know I need to do that now since this is the initial deposit, but how do I handle the complete cost of the trip since date is uncertain yet?


You can insure what you have paid for to date to qualify for this benefit, and as you make subsequent payments or purchases towards the trip, you can contact us as soon as those payments are made and update your existing policy accordingly. This will keep the trip cost insured at 100%, which is a requirement for this benefit.

Travel safe classic CFAR 

You can take 75% of the cost (with benefits)

There are 3 conditions that must be met to purchase a Cancel For Any Reason Rider as follows: Purchase the policy within 10 – 21 days of First Trip Payment; Insure ALL prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses prior to departure; Trip arrangements must be canceled more than 48 -72 hours prior to the departure date. If you meet all 3 of these conditions, most of the policies will reimburse you 75% of your trip costs, unless otherwise noted.