How to Play Host to Visiting Relatives (Without Taking Too Much Time Away From Work)

How to Play Host to Visiting Relatives (Without Taking Too Much Time Away From Work)

We at G1G play host to our parents and other loved ones throughout the year. Although having visitors can be challenging at times, we’ve discovered that it just takes a little planning to create a fun, enjoyable experience for your family during their stay. It’s a plus that in the gorgeous state of California, adventure awaits around practically every corner!

The trick is finding practical ways to play, without taking too much time away. (Yep, that rhymes.) 

The biggest problem: TIME

As a busy individual with a career and a life to worry about, you’re probably a little stressed at the thought of juggling visitors along with your daily life. You may have hobbies that will be pushed aside, social events that will be missed and work that will be put on hold, at least for a few days. Perhaps you have children, and need to figure out how to balance their schedules as well as your own and that of your parents. 

The solution(s): Day trips, long weekends, grandparent/child activities, car services, and more!

If you can afford to ask for a day or two off of work, a long weekend will do wonders for your visiting family, and for you, too! Squeeze a miniature vacation in over a 3-day weekend and hit the road to go camping near the beach, rent a cabin in the mountains, stay at a bed and breakfast in wine country, or whatever else you can dream up! If taking time off work is not an option, hit the road for a day trip on the weekend. 

When kids are part of the equation, remember: grandparents are generally as excited to see their grandchildren (if not more so) as they are to see you! If they’re up for it, surrender your charges to grandma and grandpa for a day or two. Suggest easy-to find places within a couple hours’ driving distance. Assist in a smooth visit by researching logistics like directions, parking and kid-friendly destinations and restaurants. Pack snacks for the gang and send them on their merry way, all before your day begins! This may be a great opportunity for grandparents and their grandchildren to bond, and for you to have a momentary break from parental and hosting duties. 

If your parents are not equipped to drive in the US, consider arranging activities where you can drop them off with the kids for an afternoon. If you live in a city with car services like Uber, take full advantage! This is also a great option for your parents to have a little more independent mobility as well in their own travels. 

Sometimes, parents are in town for an extended stay. If you have small children, this can be a blessing. Encourage your parents to get comfortable in your community, and to set up a healthy routine. Suggest places for exercise, centers for senior entertainment, and practical means of transportation. At the end of the day, enjoy the time you have together! 

We can’t wait to focus in greater detail on some of our favorite areas to bring visitors for day trips and long weekends. Look for travel tips and hot spots to visit with your parents and family members in future posts!