Visitor insurance Types – Comprehensive vs Fixed benefit Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage Plans (also known as Premium Coverage Plans) offer more expansive and flexible coverage than Fixed Benefit Plans (known also as Schedule of Benefit or Economy Benefit Plans). With a slightly higher costs up front than Fixed Benefit Plans — Premium Plans offer a broader spectrum of coverage and include trip protection benefits such as baggage loss or trip interruption coverage. The deductible (usually $100) is applied only once during the life of the policy during your first claim. For any subsequent claim, your deductible will not need to be paid again. While Comprehensive Coverage Plans allow you to visit any doctor, it is recommended that you stay within your provider network as it will save you up to 10% in copay cost. The cost of receiving treatment is split between you and your provider, with you covering the cost of the deductible and copay (usually 10%) out of pocket and your provider covering the remaining cost of treatment. Before choosing between Comprehensive Coverage Plans or Fixed Coverage Plans, it is important to assess your budget and your comfort with assuming risk. Those two factors will dictate which plan is best for you.
On the compare page, the default is set to display both comprehensive and fixed benefit plans. If you would like to see one while excluding the other, simply select the type of plan you would like to see.
To help you make this decision, its best to know a little about price vs. risk. Price, risk, deductible and coverage are all aspects that may be adjusted for a more optimal plan. For example, if you assume a higher risk, the price will decrease; and vice versa. 
When selecting a plan, simply adjust the sliders(located on the ‘compare’ page) to the right, or to the left. This will help present you with plans that meet your requirements based on how much risk you are willing to assume.