What is an Insurance Deductible ?

Simply put, thedeductible is the amount you pay before your insurance begins paying on a claim. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium and vise-versa.

This amount is predetermined and often reflects your policy premium. The major difference in policy deductibles is noticeable when comparing Comprehensive and Fixed Benefit Plans. The other major difference between these two types of policies is not so much the deductible price; rather the frequency in which a deducible is paid. For example, if you visit the doctor for cold or flu-like symptoms, a deductible may be required. If you visit the doctor again, for an unrelated claim, a Fixed benefit Plan will require you pay the deductible again. Whereas with a Comprehensive Plan, You would only be required to pay the policy deductible once.

To adjust the dollar amount of the deducible, move the ‘deducible slider’ located on the compare page. This will however, affect your policy premium.