When Is The Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance

When Is The Best Time To Buy Travel Insurance

The ideal time to buy travel insurance is when you make the first purchase of any part of your trip, whether that be your flight, accommodations, cruise, or experience. It is best to buy insurance immediately after your initial booking because travel insurance covers the travel expenses that are non-refundable. Let me explain.

Did you ever imagine canceling your trip due to some unforeseen event? Now imagine if a large portion of the amount is non-refundable purchases after trip cancellation. In such a situation, it is a good decision to buy travel insurance right at the time of booking any part of your trip!

Delaying buy the travel insurance does not affect the cost, however, it negatively affects the coverage benefits.

3 ideal times to buy travel insurance:

  1. After making your first trip deposit

If you want to buy comprehensive trip cancellation coverage, do it right after making your first trip deposit. For example, you have made your first trip payment but did not get travel insurance and just a few days before the flight, you fall sick and your doctor advises you not to travel. Now, you might have to face a great financial loss in the form of a non-refundable amount on trip cancellation. If you would have purchased the travel insurance right after making the first deposit, your amount would have been recovered. G1G travel insurance plans let you reclaim your foreign trip costs under trip cancellation coverage.

  1. As close to first deposit as possible

Pre-existing conditions or Cancel for Any Reason might not be covered in a travel protection plan if you delay buying the travel insurance. These two benefits have specific requirements for eligibility tied to your first trip deposit.  If you go to any insurance provider to buy an insurance policy one day before your trip, it might be too late to avail the pre-existing coverage. There are various other reasons that can fail your trip plan. For instance, the tour operator might become bankrupt and cannot provide the tour you have paid for. The future cannot be accurately predicted so there isn’t any way to be sure that you won’t have to cancel your trip by any chance. This is one of the reasons that you should buy travel insurance as close to the first trip deposit as possible.

  1. Prior to actual need for plan

You must buy travel insurance even before you actually need it. Buying travel insurance plans right after planning a trip always keeps you on the safe side. Once you identify the need for travel insurance coverage, it might be too late to cover your trip. For example, if you have planned to visit the Bahamas for a getaway, you can buy a G1G insurance plan anytime. However, if you delay buying the insurance and there is a hurricane alert, you won’t be covered for hurricanes. You might associate travel insurance plans with only stolen belongings or medical costs, however, the trip cancellation due to any unforeseen reason is also a real risk. If you leave buying our insurance until later, you are under the trip cancellation risk. So, you must purchase travel insurance even before you are in need to purchase it.

In simple words, purchasing plan immediately after the first trip deposit is worth to get covered for more benefits at same cost, these benefits are:

  • ‘Cancel for any reason’ coverage
  • ‘Cancel for work reasons’ coverage
  • Pre-existing medical condition coverage
  • Financial default coverage
  • Hurricane coverage

Loss of Flexible Reimbursement Policies

G1G has lenient reimbursement policies if you acknowledge the value of the ideal time to buy insurance. Buying our insurance policy right after making the first trip deposit is worth the potential benefits considering the rates and the coverage amounts. You might have to go with a higher premium for a reduced policy if you buy the insurance closer to your departure date. You might face a change in professional or personal circumstances after booking the trip without buying insurance. In such a case, your claim eligibility would be in danger.

Therefore, it is always better to be on the safer side and buy insurance as early as possible.

“The earlier you purchase our insurance policy, the better”

To get the maximum benefits of G1G insurance such as trip cancellation coverage and pre-existing conditions coverage, you are strongly urged to buy your insurance right after making first trip deposit.

As G1G Travel & Insurance focuses entirely on you, you must buy the travel insurance prior to its need. This is how you can get the most value for your money and ensures that you have a hassle free and relaxing vacation. Not only that, it makes certain that you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise at the 11th hour.

As always, you are more than welcome to ask your travel insurance related queries and we will do our best to help guide you in a way that benefits you.