Which Doctors can I Visit with G1G Insurance

Which Doctors Can I Visit with G1G Insurance

You are allowed to visit any licensed medical physician with a policy from G1G. You should, however, be aware that by venturing outside of the provider directory, you will miss out on discounts such as copay reduction. Additionally, the physicians listed on the provider directory are doctors that have a good track record and meet the standards of our underwriters. While this doesn’t guarantee that each doctor is right for you, it does insinuate that each doctor has a competency level that meets a certain standard.

It is important to note that while you are free to visit any doctor, the scope of coverage changes depending on the policy you purchase. With a Fixed Benefit Plan, you will be required to pay a deductible for each doctor visit and the remaining amount not covered for proceeders performed during your visit; all of which are a predetermined, fixed amount of coverage outlined in your policy details. In short, you may visit any doctor but might end up paying more if you purchase a Fixed Benefit Plan over a Comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive Plans offer a predetermined percentage of coverage, instead of applying a predetermined dollar amount to each proceeder, like Fixed Benefit Plans.